Camaron Stevenson is a father, writer, activist, and Arizona native with a progressive vision for Phoenix that revolves around workers' rights, affordable housing, and safer communities. 

As a writer, Camaron has worked with community leaders across the country to explore how they solved nationwide issues on a local level. Bringing these community-tested solutions for issues such as homelessness, gentrification and affordable housing to Phoenix will enable him to the solve the complex problems we face with both the strength of local expertise and the wisdom of others who have addressed similar issues in their communities throughout the country.

Using proven solutions to the problems our city faces will allow council members like Camaron more time to work one-on-one with community members and make City Hall more accessible to everyone.


As the city grows, so does the need for affordable housing. Offering incentives to property owners and creating a vacancy tax will reduce homelessness, abandoned buildings, blight and crime throughout our communities.


Phoenix is known as a pro-business city; let's make it a pro-worker city as well. We can do this by raising the minimum wage, updating the salary minimum for overtime pay and requiring two-week advanced scheduling for hourly employees.


It's time to let the police focus on what really matters: serving the community. Decriminalizing marijuana and ending participation in ICE's 287(g) program will save officers thousands of on-the-clock hours and will save the city more than $8 million. 

We need to protect our citizens and hold law enforcement accountable through the use of body cameras, a citizen review board with subpoena power, and the implementation of the Obama Administration’s 21st Century Policing Implementation Guide.



Statement on Phoenix’s Purchase of Acoustic Weapons

PHOENIX, AZ - Phoenix City Council approved the purchase of acoustic weapons this week for use by phoenix police as a crowd deterrent, despite such usage being declared unconstitutional last year.


Millennials Poised to Lead

We are witnessing a transformation in our political landscape and with the dawn of the modern technical era, it’s happening at an unprecedented rate.


The privatization of prisons, healthcare and basic utilities have leveraged the future of America for the short-term profits of a handful of individuals.


Stevenson Helps Parents Find Support During Strikes

Thousands of city leaders and community members across Arizona were opening their doors to provide free or low-cost child care and meal services to families impacted by the statewide educator's walk-out.

Grassroots Groups Create Community Bail Fund

More than 200,000 women in the U.S. are currently in jail or prison — one of the highest rates in the world. Many incarcerated individuals are unable to afford bail, and often plead guilty just to obtain release from jail.


City Council Under Pressure to Support Universal Health Care

Stevenson helps craft a Citizen's Petition requesting the Council's vote on whether or not the city supports the five points of Medicare for all, and to research the benefits the system would bring to Phoenix.