Camaron's plans for Phoenix will make the city a more welcoming place for longtime locals and new residents alike. These goals for the city will also save tax dollars, reduce crime and provide a level playing field for all Phoenix residents. 


Universal Healthcare

A single-payer healthcare program would provide comprehensive coverage for everyone. On a local level, Phoenix should adopt a subsidized healthcare program for uninsured residents.


Sustainable city growth

As Phoenix continues to grow, it needs to maintain a sustainable way of life across all levels of ecology, economics, politics and culture.


Decriminalize cannabis

Decreasing penalties for marijuana possession will save the police force 17,000 man-hours annually, keep otherwise law-abiding citizens out of jail and save the city $8 million every year.


Inclusive communities

Camaron supports a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients and a safe destination for undocumented immigrants. Ending unnecessary cooperation with ICE will save Phoenix $1.2 million annually.


Fair living wages

Everyone working full-time deserves to make enough money to support their family, regardless of race, age or gender. Phoenix will commit to a minimum wage of $12 an hour by 2020 and $15 by 2022.


Police accountability

All officers must be required to wear body cameras, review boards need to be diversified, and officers should increase walking patrols to become more active participants in the communities they protect.


Combat the opioid epidemic

Our city needs to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for their role in the opioid crisis, and we need to focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment for those addicted to opioids.


Prison reform

We can reduce recidivism by focus through increased transparency, providing proper physical and mental healthcare, and providing job training programs for inmates with employment opportunities available to them after they are released from prison.